Expanded Lineup of AEC-Q200-Qualified SMD Inductors



Growth in demand for high-temperature automotive and industrial circuitry has sparked Sumida to greatly expand its lineup of AEC-Q200 qualified SMD inductors.  In early 2019, Sumida introduced the CDRH50D28B/T150 Series of high temperature shielded drum and ring core inductors, for a range of automotive applications. Five additional package sizes have now been added to the family, with over 50 devices offered overall.  The smallest measures 5.3 x 5.0 x 2.8 mm and the largest is 13.1 x 12.8 x 8.0 mm. Inductances range from 0.8 to 680 µH, with DCR as low as 4.5 mW, and a saturation current of up to 31 amps.

Sumida developed its own Ni-Zn ferrite core technology.  Using this material and a special geometric construction allows the CDRH*0D**BT150 Series to be highly space-efficient. DC resistance and saturation current performance are superior to other similar-size devices in the market.  At the same time, the ferrite drum and ring core architecture offers very effective magnetic shielding. As automotive circuit densities increase, the effectiveness of this shielding grows in importance, in order to minimize EMI that could interfere with adjacent circuitry.

The custom lead-frame construction with metal compound molding supports the mechanical demands required for the automotive environment and will allow the parts to more than tolerate automotive vibration and shock requirements. On the electrical side, the inductors are so strongly structured that core and wire can withstand a voltage of up to 120 VDC.

A summary of the specifications for each size device is shown below:

Device                                     Size (mm)                               Inductance (µH)      DCR (mW)               Saturation Current (A)


CDRH50D28BT150               5.3 x 5.0 x 2.8                       1-100                     18-780                   6.5-0.65

CDRH60D45BT150               6.6-6.3x4.8                            1-330                     11-970                   4.8-0.49                                

CDRH70D45BT150               7.7x7.3x4.8                           0.8-680                  7.0-1750                                10.7-0.35

CDRH80D65BT150               6.6x6.3x4.8                           1-330                     11-970                   8.5-0.5

CDRH10D60BT150               10.3x10x6.35                       0.8-470                  5.4-770                  21.2-0.88

CDRH12D77BT150               13.1 x 12.8 x 8.0                  1-470                     4.5-510                  31-1.40

Full operating temperature range is -55 °C to 150 °C (including coil’s self-temperature rise) and all 6 families are fully qualified to the Automotive AEC-Q200 reliability test requirements. See datasheet for more.

Popular automotive applications include ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), LED Headlight Driver Circuits, ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam), AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System), DC-DC Converters and other automotive applications. These may include ECU, BMS, Navigation systems, Infotainment systems, Hybrid Engine Controls, ABS, or any high-reliability application.   

CDRH*0D**BT150 Series powerinductors are available with 30-day delivery and are in-stock at Digi-Key. For more information visit: www.sumida.com.