Expanded Lineup of Load Switch ICs with Ideal Diode Function



Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched a load switch IC with ideal diode function – the XC8110/XC8111 series.

The XC8110/XC8111 series are load switch ICs that reproduce ideal diodes, and equipped with functions including chip enable (CE), over current limit, inrush current limit, and thermal shutdown.

Since this IC is equipped with an ideal diode function, compared to Schottky barrier diodes, which are generally used to prevent backflow, the voltage corresponding to VF is lowered to about 1/20 and achieving low loss. Despite the low VF of 20 mV, the backflow current from VOUT to VIN is 0, which is exactly the ideal diode characteristic.

With these features, the output OR circuit can be easily realized and reduce battery consumption for backup purposes.

The over current limit function uses constant-current limit and foldback current limit. By adopting the foldback method, the short-circuit current can be controlled to 50mA, allowing it to be used safely even in the event of a short-circuit. Also, the thermal shutdown function can prevent IC failure caused by heat.

Low profile (h = 0.33mm) package USP-6B06 is useful for tight height applications.

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