Expanded range of sulphur-resistant chip resistors from Yageo now available from TTI



Yageo AF series sulfur-resistant chip resistors

Yageo’s expanded AF series of sulfur-resistant chip resistors can now be ordered from TTI, a leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. The recently introduced 4-pin, 2-resistor (0402 x 2) AF122 arrays and 8-pin, 4-resistor (0402 x 4) AF124 arrays help meet increased market demands.

Offering a stable and reliable performance in a wide variety of environments, including those with high level of sulfur, AF arrays save space on the PCB and save time in pick and place applications. To improve the sulfur resistant capability, Yageo utilizes a special material in the inner electrode with the alteration of the resistor structure.

AF series chip resistors meet the requirements of the ASTM-B-809-95 standard, 60℃, 1,000hrs. The devices provide high stability and reliability in harsh environments and are ideal for use in applications such as mining, communication base stations, industrial equipment controls, power supplies, computing servers, consumer electronics, and DRAM modules, HDD.