Expanded Series of Digital Oscilloscopes with 200MHz Model



Beaverton, OR – RIGOL Technologies announces an important expansion of their Oscilloscope Portfolio with the release of the new DS1202Z-E 200MHz Oscilloscope.

The DS1000Z Family of Digital Oscilloscopes has long been a favorite of educators, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and embedded engineers.  Its combination of performance, capabilities, quality and price transformed the value oscilloscope market. These attributes along with an army of loyal customers have made the DS1000Z family the world’s most popular oscilloscope.  The new DS1202Z-E builds upon that legacy by delivering a powerful 200MHz version for the amazing price of just $369. 

The DS1202Z-E comes standard with 2 analog channels, 24MPts of deep memory, a 60,000 frame segmented record mode, standard serial decode and triggering, high resolution FFT, 15 trigger types and 37 integrated measurements making the DS1202Z-E a powerful and capable debug tool for design engineers. However, with a price of only $369 it is accessible to hobbyists and educators needing increased instrument bandwidth in a high quality package.

The DS1202Z-E is available immediately through RIGOL.

For more information, visit www.RIGOLna.com.