f | solar GmbH presents its innovative glass-glass PV module



Click image to enlarge: f | solar's glass-glass PV module manufacture

f | solar has presented its innovative glass-glass PV Module at the Hamburg European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition and demonstrated how losses may be reduced by more than 5%. The high-efficiency module has been manufactured in cooperation with the companies Kuraray Europe, Schlenk Metallfolien, and Scheuten Optisol. ??The Glass-Glass PV Module is equipped with new components: the front glass is a specific low-iron solar float glass with a thickness of only 2.0 mm. Being equipped with a robust Mono-Broadband-Antireflex coating, the f | solarfloat HT offers energy transmission (TePV) of about 94% and is optimally suited for use in silicon solar cells with selective emitter technology. The PVB encapsulation film Trosifol Solar UV+ with unique UV transmittance shows high and permanent stability and exceptional resistance to heat, UV radiation, and moisture.?? A second highly reflective PVB encapsulation film, Solar R40 Ultra White, reflects the sunlight over a wide wavelength range so that it essentially contributes to higher module efficiency. ??In addition, performance is increased by up to 3% through use of an LHS (light-harvesting string) supplied by Schlenk. The precisely structured surface of the silver-clad ribbon directs the sunlight to the air/glass boundary layer at an exactly defined angle. The smooth and non-dispersive surface of float glass works most efficiently in this case. Sunlight deflected in such manner can be almost completely retrieved on the active surface of the cell.? f | solar