Fairchild Semiconductor's Power Stage Dual Asymmetric MOSFETs Address Power Supply Designers' Need for High Power Density, Ease of Design



Power supply engineers have two main challenges - reduce the amount of space they use and increase power density. This is especially important in notebook, point-of-load, server, gaming and telecommunication applications. To help designers meet these challenges, Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS), a leading global supplier of high performance power and mobile products, developed the FDMS36xxS family of power stage dual asymmetric MOSFET modules. The FDMS36xxS family incorporates a control and synchronous MOSFET, as well as a monolithic Schottky body diode in a PQFN package. The switch node has been internally connected to enable easy placement and routing of synchronous buck converters. The control MOSFET (Q1) and synchronous MOSFET (SyncFET™) (Q2) have been designed to provide optimal power efficiency for output currents up to 30 Amps. By integrating these devices into one module, the FDMS36xxS family reduces board space by replacing two or more 5mm x 6mm PQFN, S08 and DPAK packages. The FDMS36XXS family of products is designed using Fairchild's advance charge-balanced device architecture (Shielded Gate Technology) and advanced packaging technology to achieve industry-leading sub-2mOhm low side RDS(ON) at high performance computing rated breakdown voltages. The product family is optimized to minimize the combination of conduction and switching losses from 300kHz to 600KHz delivering reliable, highest power efficiency for point-of-load and multi-phase synchronous buck DC-DC applications. The unique shield potential modulated device architecture and ultra-low source inductance packaging design used in the FDMS36xxS family of power stage dual asymmetric MOSFETs delivers low noise switching, reducing susceptibility to design variation and increasing design reliability. The low noise switching eliminates the need for design mitigation approaches that require external snubbers or gate resistors thus reducing design BOM cost and saving additional board space. Devices in the FDMS36xxS family currently include the FDMS3602S and FDMS3604AS PowerTrench® power stage asymmetric dual N-channel MOSFETs. Additional devices will be added based on research and customer demands. The FDMS36xxS family is RoHS-compliant. Price: US in 1,000 quantity pieces: FDMS3602S $1.86 FDMS3604AS $1.62 Availability: Samples available now Delivery: 8-10 weeks ARO These dual asymmetric power stage MOSFET modules are part of a comprehensive portfolio of advanced MOSFET technology that provides power designers with a wide range of solutions for mission critical high efficiency information processing designs. For our latest power stage offerings, please go to www.fairchildsemi.com/powerstage