Fairchild Semiconductor's Solution for Li-Ion Battery Pack Protection Designs Meets Space and Efficiency Challenges


Device Provides Up To 40 Percent Space Savings and Increased Efficiency

Designers of mobile products routinely face the challenge of reducing space as well as improving efficiency in every aspect of their design. In devices that use a one-cell Li-Ion battery pack, such as ultraportable applications, this is an area of particular importance. To help designers meet the challenge of reducing design space and increasing efficiency, Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE:FCS), a leading global supplier of high performance power and mobile products, developed the FDMB2307NZ PowerTrench® MOSFET. This device provides the increased efficiency needed in a form factor that significantly reduces design space. Designed specifically for Li-Ion battery pack protection circuits and other ultraportable applications, the FDMB2307NZ features dual N-channel common drain MOSFETs, enabling bidirectional current flow. By using advanced PowerTrench processes, the FDMB2307NZ provides high power density and a maximum Rss(on) of 16.5m? at VGS = 4.5V, ID = 8A, resulting in lower conduction losses, lower voltage drop, less power dissipation and increased overall design efficiency when compared to competitive solutions. The FDMB2307NZ also provides excellent thermal performance, resulting in cooler system operation, further increasing efficiency. The device's 2x3mm2MicroFET™ package provides designers with one of the smallest MLP solutions available - 40 percent smaller than existing legacy solutions - saving significant board space in their design. RoHS-compliant, the device also provides HBM ESD protection >2kV. By integrating leading circuit technologies into tiny, advanced packages, Fairchild Semiconductor provides mobile users significant advantages while reducing the size, cost and power of designs. Fairchild's mobile IP can be found in a majority of mobile devices in use today. Price: US $0.46 in 1,000 quantity pieces Availability: Samples available upon request. Delivery: 8-12 weeks ARO www.fairchildsemi.com