Fairchild to deliver keynote speech at PCIM Europe 2014



At PCIM 2014, Thomas Neyer, Fellow and Head of Fairchild’s High Voltage Technology/Device Development Centers, will deliver a keynote address, titled Progress in Power Semiconductor Devices and Applications.

On Tuesday, May 20, at 0945, in room Brussel 1, Neyer will discuss how advances in power management are enabling major steps forward in energy efficiency, power density, system size and cost. Breakthroughs continue to happen in the areas of power devices and drivers, power topologies and controllers and integrated power packaging. Specific design examples will be included.

“We are very proud of Thomas Neyer’s selection by the PCIM Organizing Committee as a keynote speaker at this year’s PCIM,” said Sajal Sahay, Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Marketing at Fairchild. “It’s a clear validation of his industry expertise and our company’s technology leadership in power management solutions.”

Visitors to the conference should make sure to stop by Fairchild’s booth in Hall 9, Booth No. 436 to discuss the keynote with Mr. Neyer, and to see first-hand the latest power management solutions designed to meet critical engineering challenges in automotive, low voltage, industrial power and motion control.

Specific products being displayed:
Automotive – MOSFETs in TO-Leadless package for high current, high power, and high reliability. Complete 40 V MOSFET portfolio with industry leading RDS(ON) performance. Automotive power modules providing integrated power solutions improving system performance, reliability and overall cost.

Industrial and Motor Control – Discrete and integrated module solutions for industrial power and motor control applications.

Low Voltage MOSFETs and Analog – 30 V – 150 V MOSFETs in a range of innovative packaging options provide leading edge MOSFET technologies for DC-DC designs. High efficiency integrated synchronous Buck solutions.

LED Lighting – Discussions on power conditioning, power conversion and load control solutions for LED lighting applications from 3 W – 200 W, including dimmable, non-dimmable, isolated, non-isolated, single and multi-string reference designs.

Design Tools – Tutorials on interactive design tools – Power Supply Web Designer and Motion Control Design Tools that provide complete designs in less than a minute.

During the conference, Fairchild experts will also present on applied power management solutions.

Sessions include:
Tuesday, May 20 at 1500, in Room Munchen 1: IGBT Improvement: Experimental and Numerical Study of Low and High Frequency Oscillations in IGBTs During Short Circuit, by Carmine Abbate, Giovanni Bussatto, Annunziata Sanseverino, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy; and Cesare Ronsisvalle, Fairchild.

Tuesday, May 20, from 1530 – 1700, in the Foyer, Ground Floor: Poster Dialogue Session: PP32: A Physically-Based Scalable SPICE Model for High-Voltage Super-Junction MOSFETs, by James Victory, Dongkook Son, Thomas Neyer, Kwangwon Lee and Edward Zhou, Fairchild.

Tuesday, May 20, from 1530 – 1700, in the Foyer, Ground Floor: Poster Dialogue Session: PP61: Development of a New 1200 V SPM® Smart Power Module for Industrial Motor Drive Applications, by Taesung Kwon, Seunghyun Hong and Jonghwan Baek, Fairchild.

Wednesday, May 21, from 1530 – 1700, in the Foyer, Ground Floor: Poster Dialogue Session: PP122: Quasi-Resonant, Two-Switch Flyback Converter with Input Voltage Range Extension Circuit, by Hangseok Choi, Fairchild.

“Fairchild delivers a unique combination of power devices, design expertise, and manufacturing experience to its customers, allowing them to power a wide variety of amazing electronic products,” said Andreas Hammer, Vice-President of EMEA Sales & Applications for Fairchild. “We’ve been driving innovation for more than 50 years, and our solutions showcased at PCIM continue that tradition, pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency for tomorrow’s electronic products.”

For more than 50 years Fairchild has been a pioneer in the development of power solutions that make the world a cleaner and better place. Fairchild is committed to understanding customer needs and developing power management solutions that allow them to power amazing electronic products.