Fairchild's FSBB10CH120DF Motion SPM 3 Series IGBT Module now at Mouser



FSBB10CH120DF module

Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor with the latest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the FSBB10CH120DF Motion SPM 3 Series Module, part of the Motion SPM 3 Module family from Fairchild Semiconductor. The FSBB10CH120DF is a Smart Power Module (SPM) that features a 1200V, 10A three-phase inverter with short-circuit-rated insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) that provide integral gate drivers and protection to minimize EMI. Incorporating Fairchild’s SPM packaging and process technology, this full-featured module delivers a high-performance inverter output stage for a broad array of AC induction, BLDC, and PMSM motor control applications. The FSBB10CH120DF helps drive efficiency while simplifying system design, reducing board space, improving system reliability, and speeding time-to-market.

As with other modules in the Fairchild Motion SPM 3 Series, the FSBB10CH120DF module offers optimized packaging for thermal performance, high-power density, and robust assembly to minimize conduction loss and switching loss. The module offers very low thermal resistance, a high-speed HVIC, three-phase circuit sensing, LVIC temperature-sensing, and an isolation rating of 2500 Vrms/1 min.

The Fairchild Semiconductor FSBB10CH120DF Motion SPM 3 Series Module, available from Mouser Electronics, provides three-phase DC/AC power conversion, in which each IGBT collector current is rated at 10A, and the collector–emitter voltage is rated at 1200V. The device features multiple on-module protection designs, including under-voltage lockouts, overcurrent shutdown, thermal monitoring of the drive IC, and fault signaling/reporting. The module achieves very low thermal resistance using an aluminum oxide DBC substrate, and lists a standard operating temperature of 40°C to +150°C.

Additional features of the FSBB10CH120DF module include separate open-emitter pins from the low-side IGBTs for three-phase current sensing and built-in LVIC temperature-sensing. An integrated, high-speed HVIC translates the incoming logic level gate inputs to the high-voltage, high-current drive signals required to properly drive the module's internal IGBTs. Separate negative IGBT terminals are also available for each phase to support the widest variety of control algorithms. The FSBB10CH120DF features a through-hole mounting style, and its compact size makes it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial motor (AC 400V Class) and general motor control applications.

FSBB10CH120DF module

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