Fairchild's novel three-channel interleaved CCM PFC controller enables use of smaller passives



Designers of high power applications, such as air conditioner power supplies, need power factor correction (PFC) to improve power factor (PF) and harmonics to avoid deteriorating the power grid. To help them meet these challenges, Fairchild delivers a unique combination of power devices, design expertise and manufacturing experience to its customers, allowing them to power amazing electronic products.

An industry first, the FAN9673 is an interleaved continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFC controller that enables high power PFC control using the smallest possible inductors and lowest possible power rating switching devices, extending the capacitors’ lifetime.

Unlike other solutions that provide two or less channel capabilities with fewer features, the FAN9673 can easily switch between one-, two- or three-channels with good phase management. The device also features a simple differential current sensing resistor and configurable output voltage control. This enables an easy, compact, cost-effective design for high power PFC applications up to 9 kW.

“Fairchild is committed to understanding customer needs, and developing power solutions that are best for that individual customer,” DH Cho, Vice President, Power Conversion at Fairchild, said. “By listening to what our customers needed, we developed the FAN9673 to help designers improve the stability and efficiency of their designs, while at the same time reducing cost and saving board space.”

Key Features
-Continuous Conduction Mode Control
-Maximum Three Channels PFC Control
-Differential Current Sensing
-Programmable Operation Frequency Range: 18 kHz~40 kHz or 55 kHz~75 kHz
-Programmable PFC Output Voltage
-Two Type Current Limit Function
-TriFault DetectTM Functionality Protects Against Feedback Loop Failure

-High Power AC-DC Power Supply
-DC Motor Power Supply
-White Goods e.g. Air Conditioner Power Supply
-Server and Telecom Power Supply
-Industrial Welding Power Supply