Farsens releases battery-free pressure sensor tag



The Vortex1 from Farsens is a battery-free RFID sensor tag capable of transmitting a unique identifier and the associated pressure data to a commercial EPC C1G2 reader without the need of a battery on the sensor tag. The device features a LPS331AP pressure sensor from ST Microelectronics with an absolute pressure range from 260 to 1260 mbar. The tag comes in a variety of antenna designs and sizes to adapt the performance to the required application. The reading distance for the battery free pressure sensor tag is around 1.5 meters (5 feet) and it can be embedded in a wide variety of materials such as plastics or concrete. Evaluation kits are available. The main advantage of the product lies on the possibility of using the sensor without batteries at all. This feature allows for a wide range of opportunities using pressure sensors in applications where the accessibility is restricted, or where the use of batteries is not recommended. Since batteries are not needed, the sensor tags will never have to worry about autonomy. The Vortex1 is ideal for pressure sensitive asset and process management. The fact that it needs no wiring makes it perfect for retrofitting piping systems, gas/liquid containers or similar assets and processes due to the low installation investment required and the savings associated to sensor maintenance due to battery changes (i.e.: costs associated with changing batteries in sealed containers). Farsens