Fast-Blow Fuses Designed for Handling Excessive Current



Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection announces their 0ABA Series of small 0402 surface mount fast-acting chip fuses. These fast blow fuses are designed for handling excessive current and set the industry standard for performance, reliability and quality.

Bel’s 0ABA Series feature a 32V DC voltage rating of 200mA to 4A current rating and an operating temperature of -55ºC to +125ºC. They are suitable for both leaded and lead-free reflow/wave soldering, and are also RoHS 2 compliant, halogen-free and lead-free.

The 0ABA Series is designed for consumer applications that require a physically small fuse, including cell phones, rechargeable battery packs, LCD monitors, battery chargers, LED lighting and power tools. The 0ABA Series is in stock with Digi-Key and Mouser in 10,000 pieces in tape and reel. Product samples are also available upon request.

For more information, visit Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection.