Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes Set Bar for Price, Performance


Micro SMA packaged, 25ns, max. reverse recovery time diodes are AEC-Q101 qualified

Taiwan Semiconductor announces the availability of the PU1xMx / PU2xMx families of fast recovery epitaxial diodes. These high-reliability (AEC-Q101 qualified) FREDs offer optimized switching speed vs. reverse recovery time. Their soft reverse recovery results in lower noise switching while achieving low losses and increased efficiency. The Micro SMA package heat spreader contacts provide excellent heat transfer.                   

The PUxxMx Families provides a number of beneficial features:

·       Fast Switching and Reverse Recovery Times – Increases efficiency in a wide range of power electronics designs from medium voltage to high voltage applications, lowers EMI and RFI and simplifies snubber and filtering design.

·       Low Reverse Leakage – Industry-leading maximum IR (1 µA @ Tj=25°C) improves efficiency and offers a more controlled switching response between forward and reverse conduction modes. 

·       Low Reverse Recovery Charge –Maximum QRR (40 nC @ IF=0.5A, IR=1.0A, IRR=0.25A) lowers parasitic ringing and EMC, reduces the need for snubbers; increases switching speed and lowers losses. 

·       AEC-Q Automotive Qualified Available – All parts in the family meet stringent automotive reliability and performance criteria – Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation is available. 

·       Global Materials Compliance – RoHS compliant, halogen-free (per IEC-61249-2-21), WEEE, REACH, California Prop. 65, JESD-201 Class 2 Whisker Test and others.

·       Small Surface Mount Micro SMA Package – Ideal for automated placement. Low profile packaging with heat-spreader contacts provides excellent thermal management.

Applications include automotive alternator charging regulators in 12-, 24 to 28- and 48-Volt systems; POE power, protection and blocking circuitry; general purpose switching power, snubber circuits, antiparallel diodes in high frequency switching circuits; freewheeling diode in converters, chargers and motor control circuits.

Design resources include comprehensive datasheets (PU1BMH – PU1DMH   PU2BMH – PU2DMH) and spice models for each component in the series.

Price:                   $0.12 in OEM Quantities

Lead Time:        Samples: in-stock (Digi-Key and Mouser)

For more information, visit Taiwan Semiconductor.