FCI Introduces Micro HDMI for Multimedia Market



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FCI, the global leading connector manufacturer, has developed a 19-pin HDMI D-type (Micro HDMI) connector, which is ideal for consumer electronics applications. Micro HDMI has been widely used in smartphones, digital cameras, laptops and multimedia devices to combine high-definition video and multi-channel audio in one digital interface. Compared to HDMI A-, B-, C- and E-types, HDMI D-type is an extremely small, high-reliability connector that complies with the physical, electrical and environmental requirements of the HDMI standard. FCI's Micro HDMI connector can handle video signals up to 1080p, providing state-of-the-art HD resolution to handheld devices and featuring a full 19-pin array like other HDMI connectors. This connector is one of the best options for next-generation compact audio / video data PCB layout aiming at HDMI Rev.1.4 and 3D signal transmission. "Adding a Micro HDMI connector to the product offering completes the HDMI board connector portfolio of FCI," said Jennifer Zhang, global product marketing manager at FCI. "The HDMI product portfolio has received qualifications from leading OEMs in the consumer market and offers design engineers a smaller, more user-friendly solution." FCI's Micro HDMI connectors are available in a DIP+SMT legs version (10118241-001RLF) and a full DIP legs version (10118242-001RLF) with SMT solder tails. The connector has demonstrated a durability of 5,000 cycles. Passive latching technology prevents unintentional cable release. FCI also offers an HDMI A-type receptacle (10029449-111RLF) to enable linkage of HDMI A-type and D-type connectors in a host system. For more information about FCI's HDMI connectors, please visit www.fci.com/hdmi