FCI presents power distribution systems at APEC 2013



FCI, a leading manufacturer of power connectors and interconnect systems, has unveiled a series of power distribution systems that provide exceptional performance with repeatable accuracy at APEC 2013. Utilizing laminated bus bars and plates, FCI's power distribution systems are engineered for easy connectivity and designed to save space, lower costs and provide pluggable modularity to allow equipment expansion and changeovers. FCI's power distribution systems optimize available cabinet space, as fewer conductors can feed multiple outputs. The laminated bus bars integrate functional components related to power distribution, such as breakers, switches, connectors and cables, enabling quick and easy installation into the cabinet. The power distribution system also eliminates complicated wiring, particularly when feeding multiple devices with a common voltage, as a bus bar is simpler and more economical than standard wiring. Reinforced prefabricated construction options, custom profiles and custom shapes are available to meet application design requirements, including space restrictions. Bus bars also provide significantly better thermal performance than standard wiring because they inherently generate less heat (voltage loss) versus traditional cables, and due to their geometry, bus bars are also better at dissipating heat than cables. Every FCI power distribution system design includes complete analysis of current flow, thermal characteristics, voltage drop and inductance to ensure maximum efficiency. Bus bars feature a high current density of 5A/mm2 and a high voltage rating up to 4kV. Integration of bus bars onto PCBs replaces power and ground traces, making it a safer solution to the issue of multiple voltages within one system. Bus bar technology is used in a broad variety of applications, such as data processing and automotive industries, as well as renewable energy resources, typically in the converter and inverters used for solar and wind energy applications. "FCI has been an innovative leader in power distribution technology for more than 20 years, offering full in-house design and modeling capabilities along with a global manufacturing footprint. A wide selection of connectors and cable assemblies enables fast and easy connections for power to backplanes and boards, while bus components are matched to customers' physical system designs for easy installation and maximum space efficiency." said Johnson Long, FCI Product Manager, "The inclusion of customizable bus bar technology enables FCI to adapt new designs for elegant solutions to the problem of often messy, complex cabling alternatives." FCI