FCI's USB 3.1 reversible type C connectors now available through TTI



FCI USB 3.1 Type C connector

Now available in Europe through TTI, FCI’s new USB 3.1 Type C Connectors boast a small form factor design that is reversible for quick and easy connection whichever way it is inserted. The USB 3.1 Type C Connector is a new standard plug and receptacle which provides a multi-function single cable solution for USB, power, audio and video and is specifically designed by FCI to suit a wide range of emerging and future product applications.

The FCI USB 3.1 Type C connector provides outstanding performance that minimizes user waiting time - it supports SuperSpeed 10Gb/s speeds in each direction and power delivery up to 100W. It is extremely robust for applications such as laptop computers, tablets, and portable game stations. Its small form factor also suits very thin platforms like mobile phones and emerging devices such as smart watches and wearables. In addition to these consumer applications, FCI’s USB 3.1 Type C connector is also targeted at the industrial and instrumentation markets.

Manufactured with a high-temperature thermoplastic housing, stainless steel shell and with copper alloy terminals, the devices have low-level contact resistance and deliver up to 5A maximum current, with configurable voltage of up to 20V. Operating temperature is -55degC to +105degC. RoHS compliant, lead-free and halogen-free, the new USB 3.1 Type C meets environmental, health and safety requirements. Plugs and receptacles are available with vertical or right angle orientation and are supplied packaged on tape and reel for automated assembly.