Flexible SMD Offline Transformer from Wurth Electronics Midcom



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Wurth Electronics Midcom announces a new series of surface mount transformers, created specifically for LED lighting and offline power supply markets. This marks the series as one of the only SMD transformers for reinforced insulation, offline power supplies on the market today. The 12-pin SMD transformers are designed to comply with IEC60950-1, for reinforced 400VDC. This is made possible by an offset bobbin rail to distance the triple insulated wire solder joints from the other coils and core. The SMD transformers come in multiple voltage options with flexible secondaries, ranging from 5V to 41V. It also has auxiliary voltage taps at 6V and 14V or 20V, for maximum flexibility. The SMD transformers provide 3kVAC isolation and have an operating temperature of -40°C to 125°C. The parts' dimensions are 13.8mm x 17.8mm x 26.1mm. The eight-part series has three options for US input voltage, three options for European input voltage and two offline power options for Universal input voltage. Custom designs are available to optimize turns ratio and maximize efficiency. For more information, visit www.we-online.com/midcom About Wurth Electronics Midcom: Wurth Electronics Midcom is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom transformers. Additionally, a standard line of magnetics is offered, including inductors, ferrites, chokes, and EMI shielding materials. Customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas are supported through local direct technical sales network, regional design and applications engineer and manufacturing based in the People's Republic of China.