For space applications IR introduces DLA-certified, RAD-hard Ultra-Low-Dropout DC-DC voltage regulators


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IR's RAD-Hard, ULD hybrid linear voltage regulators

International Rectifier has introduced a series of high current, ULDO (ultra-low dropout )(ULDO) RAD-Hard hybrid linear voltage regulators available in Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMD) for space applications including satellites and launch vehicles. The new DLA (Defense Logistics Agency), Land and Maritime certified voltage regulators are also included in IR's RHA (Radiation Hardness Assurance ) program certified by DLA Land and Maritime division (formerly DSCC) that guarantees devices' radiation efficient performance down to the component level. The space level screened devices, designed for point-of-load and post DC-DC power conversion, offer a low dropout voltage of only 0.4 V at full 3 A load. They are available in two industry standard package styles, a 5-pins MO-078AA and an 8-pins flat pack, each with multiple lead bend options. The new regulators feature SOI (Silicon On Insulator) CMOS Regulator IC, latch-up and SEU immunity with LET of 84 MeV.cm2/mg, as well as outstanding TID rating of 300 Krad (Si) and ELDRS testing in excess of 100 Krad (Si) with negligible effect on regulation tolerance. In addition, the devices provide fast transient response, timed latch-off over-current protection and internal thermal protection, and on/off control via shutdown pin. As well as offering DLA-certification, these voltage regulators use a standard microcircuit drawing (SMD) part number and are included in IR's RHA program to offer customers a highly reliable, government approved device. The new devices augment IR's space hybrid product line and complement our DC-DC converters to provide one-stop power management supplies for the space community. Design analyses including WCA (worst case) electrical stress, thermal, stability with respect to additional output capacitors, and DFMEA are available at no-charge for standard models. International Rectifier