Freescale begins sampling energy-efficient QorIQ T2080 processor



Freescale Semiconductor has begun offering samples of its QorIQ T2080 processor. Featuring optimal performance and power efficiency, the T2080 communications processor is designed for control plane or integrated control and data plane processing. Target applications include mobile backhaul equipment, LTE/WCDMA channel cards, network switching and routing, intelligent NIC and military & aerospace products.

The T2080 includes eight virtual cores designed to provide cost and performance upgrades for customers currently designing with QorIQ P5040, P4080 and P3041 processors. The T2080 is part of Freescale’s 28-nm QorIQ processing platform, which also includes the T4240 andT1040 processors, as well as the QorIQ Qonverge B4860 device.

The outstanding performance of the T2080 is primarily attributable to the highly efficient, dual-threaded e6500 Power Architecture® core, first introduced in the 28-nm flagship QorIQ T4240 communications processor. The e6500 core’s dual-threaded technology provides 1.7x the performance of a single-threaded e6500core. It delivers up to 1.8 GHz of performance while maintaining a short, seven-stage pipeline for optimal latency response to unpredictable control plane code branches. The e6500 core also features AltiVec technology with a 128-bit single instruction multiple data vector processor, which performs calculations that DSPs would otherwise handle, such as signal processing acceleration and radar processing, but at much lower power.