Freescale now ships analog ICs for small engine electronic control units in volume



Freescale Semiconductor is now shipping its one-cylinder (MC33813) and two-cylinder (MC33814) electronic control semiconductors for small internal combustion engines for transportation, industrial and consumer applications. These high-performance analogue integrated circuits for small engine control reduce design complexity, bill of materials and manufacturing costs, while helping shorten time to market and boost reliability. Emission control regulation, fuel economy and environmental concerns drove the first wave of electronic engine control for cars and trucks in the 1980s. The same conditions are fuelling innovation in today's small internal combustion engine market. The small engine market is migrating from carbureted systems to cleaner, more efficient electronic ignition controls and electronic fuel injection (EFI). Engine manufacturers are now able to design smaller, more efficient engine controls that precisely schedule engine events, enabling greater reliability, fuel efficiency and pollution reduction. Target applications for the MC33813 and MC33814 devices include electronic controls for one and two cylinder gasoline motors used in motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and three-wheeled taxis. The devices also can be applied to small engine designs for a wide range of outdoor power equipment, such as lawnmowers, garden tractors, trimmers, edgers, chain saws, snow and leaf blowers, tillers, electrical generators and outboard motors. Availability The new MC33813 and MC33814 devices are now in full production. Evaluation boards under order numbers KIT33813AEEVBE andKIT33814AEEVBE are also available. Freescale Semiconductor