Freescale's ARM-based Kinetis Miniature MCUs address next-generation IoT devices



Freescale Semiconductor is extending its Kinetis portfolio of microcontrollers to include Kinetis miniature (mini) MCUs, which offer massive design potential in a tiny industry leading package. Intelligent devices, especially in the Internet of Things (IoT) era where connectivity and portability is crucial, continue to grow in complexity while shrinking in physical size. Starting at 1.9 mm x 2 mm, Kinetis mini MCUs use wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WL-CSP packaging) and maintain the scalability and feature rich IP available across the entire Kinetis portfolio.

Freescale’s widely popular Kinetis KL02, the world’s smallest ARM Powered MCU, is included in this category. With over 10 million units of Kinetis mini MCUs already shipped, customers have even more Kinetis devices to choose from depending on their design needs. Leveraging WL-CSP packaging, Kinetis mini MCUs allow designers to dramatically reduce the size of their boards and products, while retaining the performance and features of their end devices. In addition, space-constrained applications that previously couldn’t incorporate an MCU now can be upgraded to become smart applications, adding a new tier of devices to the IoT ecosystem.

Kinetis mini MCUs are ideal for small and smart applications, including:
Intelligent wearables including watches and cameras
Portable medical monitoring and delivery
Tablet, computing and portable phone accessories
Remote controls and remote monitoring