Frequency-Optimized Planar Transformers Rated up to 250W


Up to 250W rated transformers are optimized for 200-700 KHz switching applications

Lake Forest, CA—Premier Magnetics announces its PM-PTxxx Series of frequency-optimized planar transformers. The new line, offering models with ratings to 250W, are designed for forward converter, full/half bridge and active clamp applications utilizing switching frequencies between 200 KHz and 700 KHz.  Proprietary layout techniques for the circuit board windings result in optimization of transformer impedance and interwinding capacitance effects in the desired operating frequency range.

The PT Series devices all provide excellent isolation (up to 2250 VDC), operate over a wide temperature range (-40C to +125C), demonstrate excellent efficiency (up to 99%), and provide exceptional heat dissipation (due to their planer construction vs. classic wire-wound transformers).

“Customer demand was the driving force in the development of these planar transformers,” said Dennis Earley, Premier Magnetics’ General Manager. “Our designs are optimized to meet their requirements for higher power density, higher-efficiency power conversion in switch mode power supplies and in electric vehicle, industrial, aerospace and solar applications. The addition of planar transformers fills a market void and makes the PM Power Product line one of the most complete in the industry.”

Price:               $1.60 - $3.25 in OEM quantities

Availability:     Samples in stock for immediate delivery

Delivery:          8 weeks, ARO for OEM quantities

Premier Magnetics