FuelCell Energy launches website for European operation, begins German manufacturing



FuelCell Energy, a leader in the design, manufacture, operation and service of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants, today announced that FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH has launched a website and completed the first fuel cell module manufactured at the Ottobrunn, Germany manufacturing facility. "Megawatt-class fuel cell power plants and fuel cell parks are efficiently and economically providing power in North America and Asia and our new website showcases how clean distributed power generation is applicable for the European marketplace," said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer FuelCell Energy, Inc. and Managing Director, FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH. "We are expanding our presence and use of technology in Europe with a manufacturing facility in Germany, and customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Norway and Switzerland." The new website highlights the applications for highly efficient and environmentally friendly fuel cell power generation, both for on-site applications with large power users as well as electric grid support for utilities. Each of the megawatt-class markets are explained, including on-site power for universities, municipal, food and beverage, and industrial applications as well as electric grid support with multi-megawatt fuel cell parks for electric utilities and independent power producers. FuelCell Energy Solutions also has a product oriented towards maritime applications. The website includes an explanation of fuel cell technology and illustrates the multiple attributes and value that stationary fuel cell power plants can deliver. Visitors have the option of viewing the website in either German or English. "Our German manufacturing facility recently completed and verified the power output of our first fuel cell module," Stefan Peterhans, Vice President Engineering and Operations, FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH. "This fuel cell module is now ready for transport to Berlin, Germany for installation at the new Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) government complex currently under construction." Stationary fuel cell power plants provide continuous on-site power and electric grid support in a highly efficient electrochemical process that is virtually absent of pollutants. Ultra-clean, quiet, and requiring only modest space, fuel cell power plants are easy to site in populated areas. FCES, with its German manufacturing base, is the project development, sales, engineering, manufacturing and service business for the European Served Area for FuelCell Energy, Inc. FCES is a joint venture between Fraunhofer IKTS and FuelCell Energy. FuelCell Energy Solutions