FuelFX brings augmented-reality tech to the energy industry


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Houston-based multimedia and interactive application firm, FuelFX, is offering complex energy training, communications, sales and marketing materials into a new era of immersive, experiential media. Through specialized mobile apps and the lens of a smart device, augmented reality enhances one's perception of their surrounding environment by seamlessly integrating 3D objects, sounds, and information. Training manual illustrations pop off the page. Virtual instructors walk around a facility pointing out safety concerns. Intricate refinery models display real-time pressure readings, and network servers show you how they should be cabled. Everyday objects become intelligent, and their surrounding environment becomes the audience's guide. For energy companies and the businesses that service them, this creates a wide range of exciting new learning and communication applications. Examples include: A refinery can be made "intelligent", allowing visitors to "look" at a tank and access real-time information such as temperature, pressure, fluid capacity and location, and learn safety precautions. A new offshore rig design can be shown as a portable table top model, complete with support vessels and a deployment animation. A virtual guide can walk visitors through safety procedures of an industrial facility, pointing out dangerous areas and instructing on the proper use of protective equipment. Manufacturers of drilling and downhole tools can see inside a tool, and show how the internal components of their equipment work. Crisis managers can quickly access digital facility models linked to real-time personnel locations, safety and security information to better plan and mobilize a response.