Fuji Electric unveils high-speed discrete IGBT series



Fuji Electric has added a new lineup of power semiconductors to its product portfolio with the "High-Speed W" Series of high-speed discrete IGBTs. The new product series utilizes a thinner IGBT chip for miniaturization, thereby reducing power loss (turnoff loss) in switching operation by approximately 40% compared to conventional products (High-Speed V Series). This contributes to energy saving and power cost reduction of the devices on which the products are mounted. Loss in switching operation has also been reduced (suppressed heat generation) for compatibility with higher switching frequencies (20 to 100 kHz) compared to conventional products (around 20 kHz).

"The introduction of the High-Speed W Series is a valuable addition to our product portfolio as it offers our customers advanced features that they need to compete in today's market," said Jeff Knapp, General Manager of Fuji Electric's Semiconductor Dept. "The new IGBT allows the ability to downsize the peripheral parts such as coils and transformers within the system and therefore contributes to the overall downsizing of the equipment itself, leading to a reduction in the total cost of ownership."

The company cites the increasing global demand for energy in recent years as the driving force behind the development of the High-Speed W Series. The need for the energy-saving performance of industrial and communications equipment, as well as the demand for downsizing and space-saving of the equipment itself spurred them to introduce a high-speed discrete IGBT that responded to these needs.

Fuji Electric