Fully Integrated Doherty Power Amplifier Devices


Ampleon offers a comprehensive portfolio of RF power amplifier devices targeted at next generation small cell infrastructure and massive MIMO implementations.

Supplied in 50Ohm in/out packages with compact dimensions (measuring 7mm x 7mm), the company’s LGA series power amplifiers are capable of achieving industry-leading performance parameters. The high-gain devices in this series cover frequencies all the way from 700MHz through to 4.1GHz. Each features a 3-stage fully integrated Doherty design, which helps to reduce the board space that is needed for the power amplifier circuitry, as well as significantly accelerating development time and facilitating volume production. They support signal bandwidths reaching all the way to 300MHz, with the elevated output powers that they can deliver (up to 16W) enabling greater network coverage. The strong efficiency figures exhibited (>40% at 9.0dB on some models) contribute to keeping their power consumption levels low, and means that they generate only minimal heat enabling smaller and less visible base stations.


The compatible pinout definition shared across all of the devices in this series is a major benefit. It allows engineers to apply the same base layout to cellular network hardware designs covering different frequencies - simply dropping in the relevant device as required. This means the multi-operator business models that are now emerging may be addressed.