Fuse Series Includes High Voltage and High Interrupting Rating in the Surface Mount Form Factor



The 0678H Series, 500mA through 40A, offers high-amp circuit protection and a compact (9.8 mm x 3.05 mm x 3.05 mm) surface-mount form factor to save board space. In addition, the 0678H Series enables blade servers to operate at higher power (125Vdc rating) and includes high melting I²t, which prevents nuisance tripping caused by transient surge during blade server hot swapping.

The fast-acting 0678D Series has an even higher voltage rating at 350Vac and ultra-high interrupting ratings (up to 2000 A at 125 VDC). Other D Series features include current ratings from 500mA to 5A, wide operating temperature range from -55°C to 125°C, tape and reel for the auto-insert SMD process, RoHS compliance (with exemption 7a), compatibility with the 260°C, IR Pb-free solder process and are Halogen Free (MSL=1).

0678H Series Product Page: https://belfuse.com/product-detail/circuit-protection-0678h-series

0678H Series Datasheet: https://belfuse.com/resources/datasheets/circuitprotection/ds-cp-0678h-series.pdf

0678D Series Product Page: https://belfuse.com/product-detail/circuit-protection-0678d-series

0678D Series Datasheet: https://belfuse.com/resources/datasheets/circuitprotection/ds-cp-0678d-series.pdf