FX Luminaire's Luxor ZDC lighting controller provides zoning, dimming, and color capabilities



Luxor ZDC LED lighting controller

FX Luminaire announced the release of the Luxor ZDC, a novel LED lighting controller with zoning, dimming, & color capabilities. “The ZDC offers a spectrum of 30,000 color possibilities for those residences and businesses who want the latest LED technology,” said Ryan Williams, FX Luminaire Product Manager.

“The Luxor ZDC combines RGBW LED technology with all the same zoning and dimming features as the Luxor ZD. With the ZDC, custom colors can be created for outdoor holiday displays, team spirit themes, company colors, or special events. Color temperatures can be adjusted to match vegetation and architecture, offering unique landscape looks throughout the year.”

Up to now, custom color creation has been possible only through complicated or very expensive systems designed for commercial use. With Luxor, it’s easy to create and manage colors of connected fixtures wirelessly through the optional Luxor Wi-Fi app with a finger-operated color wheel for exacting color replication.

Existing Luxor ZD systems can be easily upgraded to ZDC simply by replacing the ZD facepack with a ZDC facepack and acquiring a ZDC replacement kit for each fixture. ZDC is available in the 9LED capable fixtures as a 3LED only.

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