GaN Power ICs Deliver Dramatic Size & Power Capability in Only 14mm Profile



EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(PRWeb)— Navitas Semiconductor announced that GaNFast power ICs enable the ‘Mu One’, a universal 45W power adaptor with an unprecedented 14mm ultra-slim profile. GaN power IC technology is combined with the new USB-PD power delivery protocol and an advanced Type C connector to deliver a single, world-wide, slim adapter that can just as easily slide into your pocket as it can charge your laptop or fast-charge any smartphone.

New, high-speed Gallium Nitride (GaN) power integrated circuits have up to 20x the performance of old silicon chips. By operating at high frequency and simultaneously increasing efficiency, GaNFast power ICs reduce the size, weight and cost of components such as transformers, heatsinks, and printed-circuit boards.

“At Made in Mind, we are pre-programmed to challenge industry norms, we seek the finest of partners who share our beliefs.  The Navitas GaNFast chips in the Mu One gave us a tremendous edge on speed-of-charging, efficiency and size”.  Commented Mathew Judkins, CEO of Made-in-Mind.  “These and other technical advances allowed our new product range to push the envelope of consumers’ expectations for performance and convenience in their humble power supply”.

As recently featured on engadget, the Mu One 45W adapter is available now via Kickstarter, and will be listed in airport, main-street and online stores following production ramp-up.