GaN Process for High-Power mmWave Applications


NP15-00 technology provides 3 watts/mm saturated power density with high efficiency in a broad range of mmWave PA applications

Tao Yuan, Taiwan: WIN Semiconductors Corp has expanded its gallium nitride (GaN) portfolio with the commercial release of a 0.15?m-gate technology, NP15-00, that supports emerging mmWave PA applications including radar, satellite communications and 5G massive MIMO infrastructure. The NP15-00 technology supports full MMICs enabling WIN customers to design compact, linear or saturated high power amplifiers through 35GHz.

The NP15-00 gallium nitride technology employs a source-coupled field plate for improved breakdown voltage, and operates at a drain bias of 20 volts. This technology is fabricated on 100mm silicon carbide substrates with through-wafer vias for low inductance grounding. In the 29GHz band, NP15-00 offers saturated output power of 3 watts/mm with 13 dB linear gain and greater than 50% efficiency without harmonic tuning.

"The release of NP15 expands WIN's portfolio of mmWave compound semiconductor technologies for transmit power amplifiers used in 5G mmWave radio access networks, satellite communications and radar systems. For mmWave active arrays, the higher transmit power and efficiency from NP15 affords designers greater flexibility to optimize antenna count, PA size and total array power. Depending on where deployed, mmWave RAN infrastructure will leverage access points of various sizes, shapes and power levels, and a broad trade-space is crucial to optimize the performance and economics of mmWave active antenna systems." said David Danzilio, Senior Vice President of WIN Semiconductors Corp.

NP15-00 sample kits are available and can be obtained by contacting WIN's regional sales managers.

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