GaN Systems claims highest-current gallium nitride power transistor



GaN Systems, a leading developer of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors, launched the latest addition to its range of E-mode GaN-on-Silicon high power transistors based on its three core proprietary technologies. The new GaN high-power enhancement-mode device, designated the GS65516T, boasts the highest current capability on the market at 60A and further expands GaN Systems’ range of power switching semiconductors.

The GS65516T 650V E-mode power switch features GaN Systems’ new proprietary topside cooling configuration announced in March this year, which allows the device to be cooled using familiar and conventional heat sink or fan cooling techniques. It is based on the company’s ultra-low FOM
Island Technology® die design, packaged in low inductance and thermally efficient GaNPX™ packaging and measures 9.0mm x 7.6mm x 0.45mm. Additional features of the GS65516T 650V E-HEMT include reverse current capability, integral source sense and zero reverse recovery loss. Dual gate pads help design engineers achieve optimal board layout.

The GS65516T suits high frequency, high efficiency power conversion applications such as on-board battery chargers, 400V DC-DC conversion, inverters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and VFD motor drives, AC-DC power supplies (PFC and primary) and VHF small form factor power adapters. The GS65516T is available to customers packaged on tape and reel or mini-reel, through GaN Systems’ worldwide distribution partners. Pricing is available on request.

“GaN is real and happening right now.” says Girvan Patterson, President, GaN Systems. “Our devices boast industrial-scale power and since becoming available commercially last year, hundreds of leading companies across the globe have embraced our technology to make sure they are among the first to market with new products that bring the benefits of GaN to products ranging from solar inverters to ultra-slim TVs. The major players are well aware that gallium nitride device technology is a true game-changer. GaN Systems’ core IPs make our devices easier for designers to work with, and we are now seeing real products that harness GaN’s power come to market. For example, on our stand here at PCIM, we are showing a vehicle power inverter from leading US technology company, DRS Technologies, a 2 kWh tactical power pack from Virideon, and a 5kW 3-phase inverter power module from LS Industrial Systems of Korea.”

GaN Systems is the first company to have developed and brought a comprehensive product range of devices with current ratings from 8A to 250A to the global market – its Island Technology® die design, combined with its extremely low inductance and thermally efficient GaNPX™ packaging and Drive Assist technology means the company’s GaN transistors offer a 40-fold improvement in switching and conduction performance over traditional silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs. Devices are available now through its worldwide distribution network.

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