GaN Systems to show the latest in tiny Inverters, motors, energy storage, and power modules at PCIM Europe 2016



GaN Systems’ transistors reduce the size of EGTRONICS’ 48V, 12 kW inverter 5X versus silicon

The stream of smaller, lighter, lower cost, and highly efficient commercial power systems entering the market continues. Computer travel adaptors, AC/DC power supplies for datacenters, battery chargers for solar, DC/DC converters, energy storage systems, and traction inverters for automobiles are among the dozens of applications using gallium nitride transistors to improve power electronics.

May 10 through May 12, at PCIM Europe 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany, GaN Systems will showcase a lineup of its customers’ systems that are enabled by gallium nitride transistors.

The customer products featured at GaN Systems’ booth # 9-511 include:

-An innovative 1 kW energy storage system 50% smaller than prior silicon-based solutions
-High current power modules used in the industrial and automotive industries
-A 1.2 kW battery charger that delivers 33% more power in the same volume as its silicon predecessor
-A 12 kW stop-start generator showcasing an unprecedented 5X size reduction
-A >97% efficient, ultra-compact electric vehicle charger
-A multi-voltage, high-speed 1.5 kW motor controller
-A high power, high efficiency traction inverter using GaN power modules

In addition to commercial products, visitors to the booth will see the inverter enabled by GaN Systems’ transistors that recently won Google’s Little Box Challenge. CE+T’s Red Electrical Devils won the $1,000,000 dollar first prize for designing, building, and demonstrating an inverter with the highest power density in the smallest volume: 143 W/cubic inch in only 14 cubic inches. Also on exhibit will be a half-bridge evaluation board that simplifies GaN transistor testing.

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