GaN Systems to showcase high current 650V, 100A GaN power transistors at ECCE ’15 in Montreal



GaN Systems, a leading developer of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors, is displaying its latest GS66540C 650V 100A high current GaN power transistor at ECCE’15, the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo in Montreal, September 20 – 24. As a Canadian technology company, GaN Systems is delighted to be showcasing its family of Island Technology gallium nitride transistors, the broadest and most complete on the market, at this premier global event being hosted in its home country.

GaN Systems’ new GS66540C high current power transistor is based on proprietary Island Technology® and belongs to its 650V family of high density devices that achieve extremely efficient power conversion with fast switching speeds of >100V/nS and ultra-low thermal losses. The GS66540C is supplied in an evolved form of GaNPX packaging specially developed for higher operating currents, providing lower inductance and greater surface mount mechanical robustness required by power modules for the industrial and automotive markets.

The near-chipscale parts have no wirebonds and offer step-change improvements in switching and conduction performance over traditional silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs. Parts are now sampling with major customers, including OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers, and are being designed in to solar, industrial and automotive applications as global manufacturers race to use the power of GaN to secure competitive advantage.

Also on display will be multiple customer platforms, including an exciting 2kW commercial vehicle inverter from the leading global transportation technology company, Ricardo, and a new 3kW, 800/380V DC/DC bidirectional converter to enable energy efficient power systems in the home, developed by NextHome, a US consortium of consumer electronics manufacturers.

Julian Styles, Director of Sales & Marketing Americas, will be a panelist during the Congress, leading the town hall meeting on “Advances in SiC and GaN Based Devices, Packaging and Systems” which takes place on Tuesday 22 September.

GaN Systems has developed and productised a comprehensive portfolio of GaN E-HEMT power devices with current ratings from 7A to 250A, in both 650V and 100V ranges. GaN Systems’ Island Technology die design, combined with the extremely low inductance and thermal efficiency of GaNPX packaging and Drive Assist technology, provides their GaN E-HEMTs with 45x improvement in switching and conduction performance over silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs.

GaN Systems