GCT releases range of high-current DC power jacks




Global Connector Technology (GCT) has released a new range of high-current DC power jacks with 2.50mm centre pin diameters suitable for 5.5mm OD plugs. The high power parts are thru hole and shielded in horizontal and vertical orientation.

The vertical jack DCJ250-15 is unique in the market place in high-power format. In DC jack products horizontal is standard, mounted on the edge of a PCB and thru a panel cut-out. However, our customers were looking for alternative design configurations, GCT worked with them to develop a vertical type, which solved their design problems.

Customers use high current products to allow fast battery charging in handheld or portable equipment. This may be in a standalone application, or distributing power to a docking device where multiple handheld units are plugged in to charge. The high-current jacks are tested and rated at 7A in vertical orientation and 8A in horizontal, within a strict temperature rise of 30°Cover ambient. Full product specifications are available at the GCT website, something you may not find using a competitor product.

All of GCT’s DC power jacks are tested to 5,000 mating cycles and offer an operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C. Samples are available next day from GCT’s locations worldwide.


Global Connector Technology