GE Energy Increases Cell Tower Efficiency with Lineage Power Orca Power Amplifiers



Lineage Power, a GE Energy company, today announced availability of the Orca next-generation family of isolated DC-DC fully regulated, board-mounted power amplifier modules. The Lineage Power® Orca™ series is designed to significantly lower costs and boost energy efficiency for cellular base stations, remote radio heads, distributed antenna systems and WiMAX controllers. Orca DC-DC converters meet carriers' needs for reduced cost and improved energy efficiency, with virtually no thermal derating—even under extreme operating temperatures. "GE Energy is helping the global technology sector optimize energy efficiency by powering new mobile internet infrastructure designed to support cloud computing, video and other unified communications applications," said Niklas Fallgren, vice president and general manager of Lineage Power's Embedded OEM division. "The robust Orca power amplifier modules make it more cost-effective for wireless service providers to expand their 3G footprint and roll out new 4G/LTE services." In the past 5 years, the United States has deployed a 550-fold increase in wireless bandwidth. The Orca power amplifier modules help wireless carriers and OEMs cost-effectively meet the seemingly insatiable subscriber demand for greater bandwidth to access thousands of real-time applications. The standards-based DOSA half brick Orca converter modules provide 450 Watts of output power, with 36-75 Vin and 32 Vout or 48 Vout. As part of the Lineage Power Total Efficiency™ architecture, the new Orca achieves greater than 94% efficiency. The Orca family features Lineage Power's Tunable Loop™ technology, allowing users to optimize dynamic response - reducing the quantity, type and size of the capacitors required for any given circuit board application. The result is a smaller overall footprint at a lower cost with increased reliability. The new Orca power amplifiers are designed for deployment in harsh environmental conditions, with operation up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) in sealed environmental conditions, resulting in higher availability and lower utility and cooling costs. Availability Lineage Power Orca samples are available now. Pricing starts at $39 per unit for OEM quantities. For more information please visit or call 888-LINEAGE or +1 972 244 WATT.