GE intros high-efficiency PoE rectifiers for smart buildings



In many of today's smart buildings, power is being shifted from the devices that once required separate alternating current (AC) power to devices that can both communicate and be powered over a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable. To support this trend, GE's Critical Power business announced two new high-efficiency PoE rectifiers, the CP2000AC54TEP and CP2725AC54TEP, providing 40 amps and 50 amps of 48-volt power, respectively. These rectifiers are created for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for use in the design of enterprise-class switches and routers. Complying with IEEE's (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.3 standard for 2,250-volt isolation, these power supplies are used in enterprise devices that are often required to run PoE+ smart building systems, such as badge scanners, 802.11n wireless access points, laptops, radio-frequency identification devices, pan-tilt-zoom security cameras, video phones and point-of-sale terminals. GE's PoE rectifier compliance with the PoE+ standard enables OEMs to provide more than 25 watts of power per Ethernet port from the data center switchgear, nearly doubling the amount of power delivered via the standard PoE port. In addition, the increased power delivery expands the current PoE functionality to a host of new applications and devices, while operating at more than 96 percent power efficiencyâ€"exceeding industry requirements for high availability while lowering the total cost of ownership. "Enterprise switch equipment designers are moving to PoE+ as a working standard,"said Karim Wassef, product line director for GE's Critical Power business. "These new PoE rectifiers offer the flexibility necessary for our customers to design the larger and more capable PoE switches demanded in smart buildings." The new solutions have a highly reliable, hot-pluggable and hot-swappable footprint and are easily integrated into switch architectures that support multiple redundant rectifiers on a common DC bus in various redundancy schemes including N+1 or N+N arrangements. In addition, flexible communication interfaces enable the switch designer to choose the most effective way to communicate with the power supplies. Enterprise customers benefit from a solution specifically created for highly redundant environments, thereby reducing operating and service costs. Pricing for the CP2000AC54TEP starts at $400 for 100pieces, while the CP2725AC54TEP begins at $545 for 100pieces.