Generac Expands Offering w/ Largest Gaseous Generator Set


Company Continues Leadership in Gaseous-Fueled Power Generation

Generac Industrial Power’s leadership in gaseous fueled generators expands with the introduction of its largest natural gas unit in the lineup to date.  

The new SG1000 1000 kW gaseous generator is designed with Generac’s in-house engine expertise and uses robust MOTORTECH components. The new engine runs on natural gas, a more resilient and cost-effective fuel when compared to diesel-at just a fraction of the emissions.

The SG1000 is an ideal solution for a variety of applications including healthcare facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, educational facilities and more.

With the ever-changing global emissions regulations on engine-driven generator emissions, the SG1000 gaseous generator has been engineered to meet some of the most stringent emissions requirements in North America as a complete and certified factory solution. Compared to competitive gaseous products at this power node, the SG1000 emits greater than 75% fewer harmful NOx emissions, and significantly lower CO emissions.  Available in both standalone and modular parallel configurations, these generators are available as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions certified for stationary emergency and non-emergency use making them suitable for energy management applications. They also have Canadian Ministry of the Environment capability, and meet the stringent requirements of various air districts of California. The SG1000 is also compliant with the 10-second requirements of NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10 for the most critical applications and includes UL2200 certification.

Generac’s SG1000 offers the lowest inlet fuel pressure requirement, allowing the product to be specified for a larger array of projects and providing more application flexibility.  The SG1000 will conform to ISO 8528-5 G2 load acceptance criteria and is capable of full block loading.

Available in a number of different sound attenuation enclosures, each product will feature the same compact footprint, allowing it to fit in smaller locations and take up less space than competitive options. The generator also features Generac’s premium control panel platform, Power Zone® Pro Sync. Also standard on the product is the complete suite of MOTORTECH engine controls for speed and fuel control, as well as ignition systems.

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