Genscape to expand PowerBuyer and PowerIQ services in ERCOT



Genscape presented their 2013 ERCOT Summer Outlook at the Gulf Coast Power Association (GCPA) Spring Conference in Houston. Enhancements to the ERCOT Market Intelligence services were also introduced as a result of strong client demand. Since launching in April 2012, over 35 leading retailers, utilities, generation owners and industrials have adopted Genscape's ERCOT PowerBuyer or PowerIQ services to inform their trading or buying strategies, reduce power costs, and manage risk. Starting next month, Genscape's ERCOT services will expand coverage to include weekends. "Our clients have come to rely on Genscape's fundamental analysis and hourly forecasts to inform their bidding and trading strategies for Monday through Friday," said Hudson Gilmer, VP of Commercial Markets at Genscape, "but the markets don't stop on the weekends." This optional weekend module delivers the same rigorous fundamental reports for Saturday, Sunday and many holidays. It also offers Genscape's industry-leading demand forecast on a 7-day rolling basis. Enhancements to ERCOT PowerBuyer include expanded performance reporting which will better address the needs of clients who are selling power, such as wind farm operators or merchant generators. Power sellers can use the hourly risk-adjusted market sell signals to increase revenues and capture real-time exposure during periods of highest upside risk. Driven by customer demand, PowerBuyer will be introduced for PJM in Q2, with other regions to follow. Eric Palmer, Genscape's Regional Director of ERCOT, presented the ERCOT Summer Outlook after this week's GCPA Conference. Palmer's report included a seasonal weather and demand forecast by Genscape meteorologists, the impact of ERCOT rule changes such as the increase in the system-wide offer cap, and an analysis of the supply stack and resulting prices. "With a price cap of $5000, continued load growth and another hot summer expected, there are going to be major opportunities for industrials and other market players. And since real-time price volatility for the week doesn't end on Friday, I think we'll see subscribers capitalize even further this summer," says Palmer. For those who did not attend the Summer Outlook presentation in Houston, Genscape is hosting a live webinar of the 2013 ERCOT Summer Outlook on Thursday, April 18 at 3pm EDT. Genscape