Genscape to report real-time electricity data on French CGT Union's call to strike


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Genscape, the company that deployed its first patented electricity monitor in France on November 20, 2004, now tracks 74% of the entire electric power market in France. For the first time, Genscape is proactively preparing to use its sophisticated energy monitoring network to literally measure the impact of the French electrical workers union strike in real-time. In anticipation of the strike, Genscape is announcing that it will provide periodic updates on production cuts, power outages and any other significant events across the French power sector. "The strike has the potential to impact power prices as well as import/export flows in Germany and Spain as well" said Tedann Olsen, managing director of Genscape's European region. "Our network will capture the true impact of the electrical workers strike and we'll provide periodic updates as a public service after our clients have been properly informed." Genscape monitors 100% of nuclear power in France, as well as 79% of coal-fired power plants and 41% of gas-fired power plants. Similar extensive monitoring is deployed all across Europe. Genscape