Georgia Smart City, Peachtree Corners, RFP For EV Partners


The United States’ premiere smart city – powered by real-world smart infrastructure and connectivity – to expand electric vehicle supply equipment service

Peachtree Corners – the nation’s first smart city environment powered by real-world infrastructure and next-generation connectivity – announced a new Request for Proposal (RFP) as it seeks out partners that can provide industry-leading electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and network services to businesses (fleets, employees, visitors and shoppers), multi-unit dwelling (MUD), property owners and single family residences.

  • The RFP supports Peachtree Corners’ goal of increasing EV ownership and use within the city by providing residents and businesses with vetted EV charging solutions. Respondents will submit offers designed to provide the EV owners and operators in the city with charging solutions that are easy to purchase, as well as install and feature a number of technology options while remaining competitively priced. Special promotional offers and exclusive price points will promote participation by businesses and individuals throughout the city.

“Complementing our position as the country’s premiere smart city environment powered by real-world smart infrastructure and connectivity, Peachtree Corners is striving to improve the community’s energy and transportation sustainability,” said City Manager Brian Johnson. “To this effort, we are working to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging stations within the community for office workspace, retail, hotel, institutional, industrial and multi-family properties.”

Located in suburban metro Atlanta, Peachtree Corners is a vibrant, growing city of over 45,000 residents with committed leadership that focuses on comprehensive planning and purposeful development. The city is home to international companies, U.S.-based corporations, and numerous small businesses with a significant number of office buildings headquartered within its 500-acre Technology Park. The city’s newly constructed Town Center, along with the adjoining two-acre Town Green, offers its residents, work force and visitors a wide array of events, activities, entertainment, dining and shopping options.

Peachtree Corners is also home to an Intelligent Mobility Corridor called Curiosity Lab, a technology incubator with 5G capabilities, a three-mile autonomous vehicle test track and facilities for permanent and temporary technology development. This city-owned infrastructure offers use of facilities at no charge, as well as complete confidentiality and no-equity requirements.

Peachtree Corners management will compile a comprehensive charging solution suite to enable accelerated selection and deployment of EV charging where people, live, work and play.

For more information, visit Peachtree Corners.