GE's latest 228W DC/DC quarter-brick boasts high efficiency



QHHD019A0B isolated DC-DC converter

GE’s Critical Power business has expanded its Hammerhead series of DC-DC modules with the 228-watt (W) quarter-brick QHHD019A0B isolated DC-DC converters. The low-height modules provide a single, precisely regulated output voltage over an ultra-wide input voltage range of 18-75 volts DC. The new DC-DC converters exhibit GE’s vast heritage of reliability and quality while integrating the latest in technology, component and process standardization.

These cost-effective and energy- and space-efficient DC-DC converters enable input power flexibility for board designers while providing a common building block that can support multiple sockets. In terms of output voltage, GE’s new Hammerhead converters provide a nominal 12-volt output voltage that is rated for 19 amps output current. The new modules achieve typical full-load efficiencies of greater than 93 percent at input voltages of 24 volts and 48 volts.

Standard features of GE’s QHHD019A0B DC-DC converters include remote on/off, remote sense, output-voltage adjustment and over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. In addition, an optional heat plate is available, which allows for an external, standard, quarter-brick heat sink attachment—enabling designers to achieve higher output currents in high-temperature applications.

With the addition of the new 228-W QHHD DC-DC converters to its extensive family of Hammerhead products—which include EHHD, KHHD and SHHD modules—GE is able to provide board designers with a wide range of offerings—from 15-W in a 1-by-1-inch module to 228-W in a DOSA-standard, quarter brick unit. This versatility allows GE to provide board designers with the technology they need to meet their unique design challenges.

Key Features and Benefits:
Ultra-wide input voltage range of 18-75 volts.
High power density at 228-W.
Nominal output voltage of 12 volts at 19-amp output currents.
Robust 2,250-volt isolation.
Typical full-load efficiencies of greater than 93 percent at input voltages of 24 volts and 48 volts.

GE’s QHHD019A0B DC-DC converters can be used as a traditional DC-DC module, powering devices such as hard drives, fans and other applications requiring 12 volts of power. The modules also feature 2,250-volt isolation, making them ideal for use in power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. Other key applications for GE’s new Hammerhead-series DC-DC converters include hybrid power architectures, wireless networks, enterprise networks (including PoE) and industrial equipment.

GE will be showcasing its new QHHD019A0B DC-DC converters at embedded world 2015 (booth #5-120), which is taking place Feb. 24-26 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Availability and Pricing:
GE’s QHHD019A0B isolated DC-DC converters are now available in volume quantities. Pricing begins at $31.10 per module at original equipment manufacturer production volumes.

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