GE's open-frame AC/DC supplies offer high power density for space-constrained apps



Open-frame CLP power supply

GE’s Critical Power business announced two new additions to its open-frame, Compact Low Power (CLP) family of AC-DC power supplies — its CLP0224FP and CLP0112FP. These new solutions complement the already released CLP0212FP solution, a 200-W, 12-volt AC-to-DC solution. The CLP0224FP, 200-watt (W), 24-volt power supply delivers efficiencies of greater than 90 percent in a compact, high-density 2-by-4-inch footprint at 18W/inch3. The CLP0112FP offers similar leading efficiency levels in a comparable footprint but at 150-W and 12-volts. This exceptional density is achieved with outstanding thermal performance and Class B conducted emissions.

Both CLP0224FP and CLP0112 deliver power efficiency of greater than 90 percent at typical and full-load outputs and at temperatures up to 50 C (122 F) — with higher temperature operation possible at derated output. With an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, the power supply minimizes losses at low loads, helping to reduce operating expenses. In addition, the CLP-series power supplies employ a unique design approach for their power level, leveraging zero-voltage switching techniques in conjunction with quasi-resonant power factor correction circuits.

“GE’s open-frame CLP power supplies help build more capacity and high-density designs across a broad range of communications, computing, data storage and industrial applications,” said Karim Wassef, general manager of Embedded Power, GE’s Critical Power business. “The CLP family’s reduced footprint makes the power supplies ideal to handle challenges associated with tight-space and low-airflow applications.”

Examples of these space- and airflow-constrained applications include small-cell remote radio head, small- and medium-sized routers and switches, ATM machines, time stamp card readers, outdoor billboards and signs, LED lighting, stage lighting, audio speakers and test and instrumentation equipment (oscilloscope). The CLP-family’s advanced thermal management capabilities also contribute to its wide range of possible applications.

The CLP’s fanless conduction-cooling feature increases the power supply’s reliability since there are no moving parts. With heat-generating components deliberately placed on the bottom of the printed circuit board, GE’s new CLP-series power supplies enable heat removal to be maximized using heat sinks. These factors contribute to a single CLP module being able to support an extended temperature range of minus 40 C to 85 C. Additional protection features include over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection.

Key Features and Benefits of GE’s CLP0224 and CLP0112 Power Supplies:

-Open-framed, fanless, conduction-cooled front-end power supply.
-Space-efficient 2-by-4-by-1.4-inch form factor.
-Universal AC input range (90 volts to 264 volts).
-Full load capability at 50 degree C and 200 linear feet per minute airflow.
-Extended temperature range of minus 40 degrees C to 85 C.
-Meets Class B Conducted Emissions requirements with 3-decibel margin.
-Can be used at 5,000-meter altitude.

Availability and Pricing:

GE’s CLP0224FP and CLP0112FP AC-to-DC power supplies are now available in volume quantities. Pricing begins at $65 per module at an annual volume of 1,000 units for CLP0224FP and $55 per module at an annual volume of 1,000 units for CLP0112FP.

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