Give Teens on Your Holiday Shopping List the Latest in Learning Technology


The latest learning tools from Texas Instruments foster student achievement in math and science

As this year's holiday wish lists fill with the latest tech gadgets, parents should consider investing in a gift that will last their kids from middle school through high school and college - a new handheld or calculator from Texas Instruments. The right tool for math and science classes is one of the best gifts education-minded parents can give their teens. Tools such as the TI-NspireTM CX handheld, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator or the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator could mean the difference between fully understanding key concepts and just getting by. "Giving your student the tools they need to understand math and science on a deeper level is a gift that will last a lifetime," said Tom Reardon, retired math teacher with 35 years of experience in the classroom and a math adviser for Texas Instruments. They're great gifts for math and science teachers, too. Color-Display TI-NspireTM CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS Handhelds When students return to the classroom from the holiday break, they will be ready to tackle real-world learning with the TI-NspireTM CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS handhelds. With the TI-Nspire CX handhelds, students can now more clearly interpret data, charts and graphs. Their vivid color display enables students to see sharp, full-color images and animations, helping them better connect complex math and science concepts to real-life learning. The new 3D graphing capabilities enable students to explore graphs from multiple points of view to develop deeper conceptual understanding. The retail package of TI-NspireTM CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS handhelds also includes TI-Nspire Student Software for home use. Students can do their homework practically anywhere with the handheld or work at home on their own PC or Mac® computer. Research(1) shows that when students are engaged and actively participate in their own learning, they progress faster and further in understanding mathematics and science. Graphing handhelds, such as the TI-Nspire handhelds, have been shown to foster student engagement and encourage participation in their own learning. "With features such as the backlit color screen, rechargeable batteries and the software that lets them upload their own photos, teens will think this is a pretty cool gift to get," Reardon said. "There are not many gifts for teenagers that are both educational and cool at the same time." For teachers, the TI-Nspire CX handheld is multiple gifts in one. Beyond the handheld, teachers can access free, classroom-ready lessons and activities on the Math Nspired and Science Nspired online resource centers. "If you give the math or science teacher a TI-Nspire CX handheld, you're not only giving them a cool tool, you're opening the doors to a host of time-saving classroom resources from TI," Reardon said. The TI-Nspire CX handheld is permitted for use on the SAT*, AP*, PSAT/NSMQT*, IB®, and ACT® college entrance exams, as well as many state standardized tests. The TI-Nspire CX CAS handheld is permitted on SAT* and AP* exams. Students can download free sample SAT* and ACT® test questions from The Princeton Review® for the TI-Nspire CX handheld. TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator is one of the most popular graphing calculators in the United States and Canada. With the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator's interchangeable color faceplates and slide cases, students can personalize their calculator to fit their mood. Like the TI-Nspire CX handheld, the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is permitted for use on the SAT*, AP*, PSAT/NSMQT*, IB®, and ACT®, as well as on many state standardized tests. Students can also download free sample SAT and ACT test questions from The Princeton Review for the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. Scientific Calculators The TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator, TI's newest and most advanced scientific calculator, features a high-quality MultiView™ display and MathPrint™ capability. The MultiView display enables students to view multiple calculations at the same time, compare results and explore patterns on-screen. Enhanced math functionality makes the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator ideal for computer science and engineering courses. It also can be used in high school and college mathematics classes where graphing calculators may not be used.