Government shutdown threatens wholesale energy markets with disruption of fundamental data reporting



With the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Energy Information Association (EIA), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all reporting potential inabilities to issue reports vital to the proper functioning of the commodities and energy markets, Genscape is leveraging its vast proprietary network to ensure transparency and efficiency to all market participants. "We've spent over a decade installing thousands of in-the-field energy monitors to record and report fundamental data across the commodities and energy spectrum," says David Francoeur, chief marketing officer at Genscape. "We are uniquely positioned to deliver hard data to market participants, and consider it an honor to help maintain a normal course of business should government furloughs require our assistance." Genscape today announces that it will provide a complimentary "Daily Power Reactor Status Report" to backstop the NRC's "Power Reactor Status Report" as a public service. Genscape physically monitors and captures hard data at 82% of the nation's nuclear power generation facilities, meaning that output data does not rely on surveys, estimates or third-party sources. The Genscape report expands coverage from the NRC's weekday-only coverage to include weekends and will provide 24-hour average percent nuclear capacity data to track the nation's nuclear electric power output. To provide further intelligence to market participants, Genscape will leverage its patented energy monitors to track and report whether a nuclear facility if ramping up/down or fluctuating output during the day by providing a "percent as of midnight" statistic. Genscape is also preparing to backstop the EIA Weekly Cushing Oil Storage Report, as well as the USDA corn crop yield forecast. Complimentary Genscape report