Green Hills Software has optimised tools for Applied Micro's PacketPro2 processors


Multicore debugger, optimising compiler, and processor probes

Packet Pro 2

Green Hills Software is collaborating with Applied Micro in the development of an approach for Applied Micro's PacketPro family of single and multicore secure processors for enterprise networking, control plane, and industrial applications. Green Hills Software's MULTI multicore debugger, optimising compiler, and processor probes will target the Keelback and Black Mamba PacketPro2 processors. Today's embedded systems developers increasingly look to satisfy complex network security and mission-critical requirements together with lower power consumption in high-performance systems. The Applied Micro PacketPro2 architecture provides advanced hardware offloads, traffic classification, policing and rate shaping, inline and look-aside security, and a cryptographic boundary. These features support the delivery of advanced capabilities in security, energy-efficiency, system throughput, and reliability. Applied Micro PacketPro2 family supported by Green Hills Software's optimising tool chain and debugger allows customers to select the product that matches their specific requirements. The PacketPro2 family will extend from single core to multicore with multi-layered encryption and authentication capabilities. Developers require a correspondingly reliable and highly capable set of development tools. "Applied Micro PacketPro2 single and dual-core processors' advanced security and power management features address mission-critical applications across multiple market segments," said Majid Bemanian, senior director of marketing, embedded processing for the Applied Micro Computing Business Unit. "Our collaboration with Green Hills Software allows us to provide our industrial and networking customers with an optimised development suite that emphasises the strengths of our new PacketPro2 processor family and meets our customers' requirements." Green Hills Software Applied Micro