Han-Modular Flexbox: Modular connectors for energy chains


The Han-Modular Flexbox is a novel interface in the modular plastic housing system from HARTING.

The interface has been developed so longer, moving cable runs for machines and machine modules are easier to install and maintain.

The Han-Modular Flexbox makes it possible to sub-divide energy chains into flexibly manageable and easily replaceable segments. The modular housing concept replaces the previous implementation consisting of multiple individual connections and offers a single plug-in and disconnection point as a compact overall solution. This reduces the associated construction and connection effort, and less space is needed. Fastening elements can be used to join the housings together in different configurations. As a result, the height and width of the interface can be flexibly designed. The Han-Modular Flexbox thus fits the requirement profile of a wide variety of applications. The Han-Modular Flexbox was developed in a co-engineering process with our partner igus.

The Flexbox’s housing and other components are made of high-performance plastic and comply with the applicable standards in terms of fire protection and resistance to environmental influences. The seals on the cable glands are designed for easy handling and are available for cable diameters from 4 to 24 mm. The system is rounded out by integrated strain relief that can withstand forces in excess of 150 Newton. The Flexbox is a stand-alone solution that boasts all the features of housing for industrial connectors.

HARTING has succeeded in continuing the modularity inside the housing as well. Nearly all the Han-Modular portfolio - which features more than 100 modules for transmitting currents, signals and data, as well as compressed air and fibre-optic signals - can be used in the Flexbox. This results in almost endless combination possibilities when it comes to implementing the right interface for every application. A plastic frame enables integration of the Han-Modular modules in the Flexbox. Currently, a maximum of four modules can fit in one frame.

The connections in the Han-Modular Flexbox are securely protected against environmental influences such as water and dust. Screw locks in different designs ensure tightness.