Harwin Archer .8mm Board-to-Board Connectors in Stock at TTI



TTI, Inc., announces the availability of Archer .8mm Board-to-Board Connectors from stock at TTI.

Harwin Archer .8mm Board-to-Board Connectors are compact and highly capable, micro-pitch connectors ideal for IIoT modules and embedded computing.

These connectors are designed for mezzanine daughterboard to motherboard layouts with an industrial-grade connection. The high pin counts on a .8mm pitch give a maximum PCB footprint of just over 50mm. The housing designs are polarized, and contacts are fully shrouded and protected to help prevent mis-mating and accidental damage to the contacts.

Archer .8mm Connectors have a surface mount design, are supplied in a tape and reel format with pick-and-place caps included and are ready for automated volume assembly. These board-to-board connectors are designed with location pegs to avoid movement before soldering and are ideal for E-vehicles, consumer electronics and industrial applications. They are used in a wide variety of applications including industrial, test & measurement, EVs, consumer and security, to name but a few. They are available today at TTI.

To learn more, visit Archer .8mm Board-to-Board Connectors | TTI, Inc.