Harwin launches EZ-BoardWare SMT components to provide simple, cost-saving connections



EZ BoardWare is the name of a whole family of products from Harwin, a leading hi-rel connector and SMT manufacturer. The surface mount (SMT) products can improve manufacturing flexibility, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve in-field maintenance. Often, relatively simple issues can frustrate good board design and cause manufacturing delays and costs. Traditional methods used to solve cable management, test and EMC problems and battery retention often require secondary, manual processing. EZ BoardWare components can all be surface mounted along with other components, saving space as well as reducing time and costs. All EZ-BoardWare components are available on tape and reel packaging for automated assembly.

If we consider EMC, shielding cans are usually soldered to the board as a secondary operation after the main automated assembly process. However, EZ-Shield Clips can be surface mounted, allowing a shielding can to be simply pushed into place during final assembly. Also part of the EZ BoardWare range, EZ-RFI Fingers are very versatile – allowing for a sliding or wiping contact and simply facilitating electrical contact between PCB and metal cases, etc – yet save manufacturing costs when compared to using grounding finger strips. Harwin also offers the EMC cans themselves.

When it comes to cable management, EZ-Cable Clips are much smaller and lower profile than equivalent plastic devices. They are placed directly onto solder pads, thus negating the need to drill retaining holes in the PCB, offering further space and cost savings.

EZ-Jumper Links can enable designers to eliminate through-hole vias and multi-layer construction. Surface mount assembly reduces costs, and quality is improved through using proven, controlled manufacturing processing.

EZ-Cable Clips comprise a range of Surface Mount wire management cable clips available from Harwin, in 5 different sizes. They have been specifically designed to be automatically–placed and soldered directly to the PCB, saving time and money.

EZ-Coin Cell Holders provide a cost effective solution to the problem of battery mounting. Coin cells are securely held in place, yet they can be quickly and easily removed when they run down.
The range comprises of ultra-low, single piece surface mountable coin cell holders, and a selection of insulated coin cell holders in a choice of horizontal SMT or vertical PC Tail.

Harwin’s EZ-Board Sockets offer a cost-effective alternative to turned CB sockets, and are ideally-suited to less physically demanding applications.

Lastly, EZ-Test Points provides technicians with easy-to-see test points and minimize the risk of PCB damage by incorrect test methods. Again, surface mount assembly cuts costs.