Harwin Showcases Performance-Enhanced, Cost-Effective Industrial Connectors



Harwin Showcases Performance-Enhanced, Cost-Effective Industrial Connectors

Harwin's high density board-to-board connectors are intended for use in challenging industrial applications, providing assured long-term operation. The BBi portfolio includes components for drives and controls, edge-based computing hardware, automation systems, robotics, instrumentation and monitoring equipment, IIoT infrastructure, smart meters, etc.

Each of the products within the company’s BBi category has attributes that optimizes them for particular functional requirements. Among the different options available are: 

• The 0.8mm-pitch Archer .8 series connectors - These low-profile double-row format units are well suited to mezzanine motherboard/daughtercard usage. They support the 24Gbps data rates needed by the latest generation of industrial networks. 

• The Archer .5 series of 0.5mm-pitch connectors - Available in 30, 40, 80 and 100 pin count versions, these ultra-compact components mean that even the most space-constrained scenarios can be addressed. Their fine pitch does not stop them from handling contact currents of up to 0.5A.

• The 1.27mm-pitch Archer Kontrol series connectors - Which can be supplied in parallel, edge-to-edge and right-angle orientations with stacking heights ranging from 20mm down to 8mm. They have a 1.2A per contact current rating. Off-the-shelf cable assemblies are available to accompany these connectors (with numerous lengths and configurations being covered).  

All three of these series have robust constructions. Their fully shrouded designs safeguard them against potential damage in uncompromising industrial settings, while polarization helps facilitate blind mating. 

For more information about Harwin’s BBi range, go here.