Harwin's Datamate Mix-Tek Cable Housings Available at TTI



TTI, Inc., announces the availability of Datamate Mix-Tek Cable Housings from stock.

Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek is a 2mm pitch (signal) and 4mm pitch (power/coaxial) high-reliability, high-performance connector range with a proven track record for performance under extreme conditions. Male and female cable connector housings can be specified in combination with signal contacts for a true mixed technology connector. Housings are compatible with any of the following contact options: standard power (20A), high power (40A) and coax (50Ω). The products are ideal for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) requirements. Typical applications include aerospace, defense, avionics and guidance system, to name but a few.

To learn more, visit Datamate Mix-Tek Cable Housings at TTI.